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Tips for Chili Cooks

Just to remind youWe are only supplying these items:

-10x10 space to cook in (& decorate)
-16oz cup w/ lid to turn chili in for judging
-tasting cups
-plastic food handling gloves (for serving chili)
-People’s Choice Bucket (for collecting all those tickets!)

What to Bring:

10ft by 10ft Tent – We recommend a tent in case of falling leaves, bugs or weather.
This is not mandatory, just recommended.

Two Tables and Chairs


Hand Washing Capability – Hot Water in an insulated cooler or large thermos, soap,
anti-bacterial hand soap, towels, and catch bucket for soapy, excess wastewater. 

Trash bags – You are responsible for removing your trash. Please have a method to contain
your trash. We will have a dumpster available for disposal. 

Portable Fire Extinguisher – Better safe than sorry! If you don’t have one, don’t worry.
The Indianapolis Fire Department will be at our cook-off!

Clean-up supplies – We recommend a broom, 2 rolls paper towels, trash bags, etc…

Cooler w/drinks in it! – To quench your thirst from cooking all that awesome chili!